Sunday, August 21, 2011

Has AUGUST leaked in Poland???

I got a Google Alert the other day directing me to a random Polish (at least I think it's Polish) video on youtube featuring a tune from the new Still Lost Bird Music album. Since the album's not due out until next week, I thought maybe it had leaked somewhere. Turns out my label has just got a jump-start on promotion by featuring the tunes on Youtube Editor. 

Here's the video in question. It sets the song "Intrigue" to a beautiful shot of the ocean.

I'm flattered to report that there are actually hundreds of SLBM fan vids using songs from the previous album. It's so fun to see people use my music in creative and funny ways. Here are a few of my current favs. (I'll have to post some more in the future too.)

This one uses "Wet Paint" to demo their trimmed brush invention.

This dance group choreographed "French Lessons"!

This girl "walks like an Egyptian" to "Sargent Egyptian Girl":

Finally, this video re-enacts "Nobody's There (Seed of Doubt)" with Bratz dolls:

The new Still Lost Bird Music album, August, comes out next week! Stay tuned.

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