Tuesday, August 23, 2011

AUGUST out Today!

As most of you know, the new album, August, by my rock music project, Still Lost Bird Music, hits the web today! It's available on iTunes and pretty much everywhere else on the internet. Check it out, let me know what you think, tell your fwends, and let me know if you know someone else whom I should let know about this. Here's some info on the album and the important links.

Still Lost Bird Music home page: www.stilllostbirdmusic.com
Preview the album here: http://stilllostbirdmusic.bandcamp.com/album/august?permalink
Buy the album here: iTunes link or Amazon link

About Still Lost Bird Music

Still Lost Bird Music is the pet project of Simon Fink. Its latest creation is August, a concept album of mostly acoustic songs based on poems by various authors, forthcoming on DashGo Records. Sargent Egyptian Girl, SLBM’s first album, was released in 2008 (also on DashGo). The single “Chocolate Heart” was featured on the app/game Tap Tap Revenge.


August is a cycle of love songs that are based on poems by various authors from various eras including Dunbar, Pound, Teasdale, Wylie, and Yeats. In classical concert music composers do this kind of thing all the time—that is, take previously written poetry and set it to music for voice and accompaniment—and have for centuries. It felt natural to me to carry the practice into the context of the rock album and, in this case, into a sound world especially steeped in the traditions of American folk music. I chose these poems first because they really spoke to me, but also because they were in the public domain. Most of them are about love, the loss of it, and the memory of it. (Special thanks to Jeff Kerr for co-producing the album.)

—Simon Fink

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