Sunday, August 21, 2011

AUGUST Preview — A Garden by the Sea

This track has a killer harmonica solo at the end by my friend Pedro "Chili" Squella. Pedro lives here in St. Joe and plays blues with a few groups. I first saw him play at Magoon's with Bugsy Maugh's band — Bugsy was actually the guitar player in Janis Joplin's band when she played at Woodstock! — and I was blown away. I think his solo takes the track to a new level. I'm so glad he agreed to do it! (Pedro and his wife have completely rehabbed a historic brick home here in St. Joe, and Becky and I actually first met him when the home was on a house tour a little over a year ago. He has a room full of vintage mics and tube amps that he works on. He also fixed up a badass black Cadillac—his "bluesmobile.")

The song is another one about lost love, this time about going back out and seeking that love — out by that murmuring shore — the one past the purple hills of fragrant-less heather, way out there, to where the birds are silent and the flowers are colorless (or maybe contain all the colors at once). Seeking that unforgotten face (that unforgettable face). Seeking within the jaws of death and possibly ending up in the sea...

("A Garden by the Sea" will the the 9th track on the forthcoming Still Lost Bird Music album, August.)

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